About Us

Founded in North Yorkshire by Ian Patrick

In 2013, under the leadership of our Managing Director, Ian Patrick, we embarked on a mission to harness his extensive expertise, experience, and network to unveil substantial income strategies for businesses across the spectrum.

Stratagem has since then flourished, evolving from its foundational roots to a beacon of excellence in the financial consultancy arena. Our growth is a testament to our success, marked by the addition of seasoned professionals and a broadened suite of specialist services designed to propel our clients to new heights. Our diverse clientele, ranging from family-owned SMEs to large scale enterprises, all share a common thread of success, attributed to our innovative services.

Our Commitment: Excellence, Experience, and Integrity

At the core of Stratagem lies our team of experts, a collective of the UK's finest financial minds and partners committed to delivering excellence. Our approach is grounded in professionalism and honesty, ensuring that every client receives a service tailored to their unique needs and aspirations.

Working with Stratagem

  • Bespoke Income Strategies: Unlock the potential of your business with tailored strategies designed for substantial growth.Diverse Expertise: Benefit from our comprehensive range of services, catering to the nuanced needs of both SMEs and large enterprises.

    Trusted Partnership: Experience a professional and honest partnership that values your success as our paramount goal.

Elevate Your Business with Stratagem

Embark on a journey of financial transformation with Stratagem. Our dedication to uncovering and implementing significant income strategies has positioned us as the leading financial consultancy in North Yorkshire.

With our tailored financial strategies, let us guide you to unlocking hidden revenue streams and maximising your bottom line.

Our Team

Ian Patrick
Founder & Managing Director

Jane Steer
Finance Director

Tom Fensom
Sales Director

Lily Patrick
Operations Director

+ over 200 Introducers, Agents and Partners
across the UK.