Energy Procurement

Our dedicated account handling sets us apart from the rest, as we take the stress away. Delivering considerable cost and carbon savings as standard.

Here at Stratagem, we believe in the human touch; people doing business with people they can trust.

We’ve identified a large gap in the market where businesses are being dramatically underserved and paying over the odds for their basic services. Even with the help of comparison sites and brokers, some business owners are still struggling to navigate the market, causing a bigger dent in their cash flows.

Thankfully that’s where we come in.

With years' experience in delivering unbeatable savings in energy procurement, we have made it our mission to scour the market to uncover a series of smart solutions to offer our customers.

Our dedicated account handling sets us apart from the rest as we strive to build a culture of customer excellence. Our Account Managers track market price conditions, supplier pricing restrictions and other variables to identify an optimum future contract negotiation strategy. Once the strategy is defined, we will oversee the renewal process, ensuring our existing customers receive the same great service new customers do.